Nominate a Calgary Business!

Spread the love of local and nominate your favourite local businesses.


Why Nominate?

We believe that showing support for local businesses helps to create a stronger local business community. When we shop local and support local, we're supporting our friends and neighbors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate more than one business?

Yes! Spread your love for local businesses and nominate as many as you choose. If you have so many you need to submit a full list you can email us at

I don't know what category to put.

Make a best-guess as to the category. We vet each submission and will update the category when we add the business to the site.  

Does it cost anything to nominate a business or get listed on this site?

Not at all! Category listings are absolutely free of charge. There are promotional packages available if you want some extra visibility for your business. Learn about those promotional opportunities here.